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Parla Buyruk

Graduate Teaching Consultant

Parla Buyruk is a Ph.D. candidate in cognitive science at UC San Diego. Before joining the Engaged Teaching Hub, Parla was a teaching assistant in the cognitive science department for more than 15 classes. She has also taught as an instructor of record twice during the pandemic for an introductory research methods class to more than 200 students. She feels grateful for the extensive training and support she received from Engaged Teaching Hub throughout her journey as a Summer Graduate Teaching Scholar, and she is excited to pay it forward by serving fellow graduate instructors as a graduate teaching consultant.
In her research, Parla tries to understand how languages we speak influence the ways we talk, think and make judgements about intentionality, agency and blame. Before coming to UC San Diego for her doctoral studies, she received her B.A. in psychology at Koc University in Istanbul, Turkey. During her undergraduate studies, she spent a quarter at UC San Diego as an exchange student, which ultimately shaped her research interests and her decision to join UC San Diego.  
Outside of the university, Parla loves to cook and eat great food, do barre, spend time with friends, and enjoy sunny San Diego.