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Workshops and Courses for Educators

Designed as a flexible learning space, the teaching lab allows us to introduce and model various teaching methods and allows educators to experiment with new instructional tools and approaches that engage and support learners. Teaching for Social Justice is at the heart of workshops and courses.

Workshops and courses are open to UC San Diego faculty and graduate student instructors, except where noted in the descriptions. Visit the events calendar. Join our newsletter by adding your email to adding your email to this form.  Please email questions to Engaged Teaching Hub at  

Note: Until further notice, workshops and courses are offered remotely.

Fall 2022 Faculty Teaching Workshops

*All workshops will be offered virtually via Zoom

Course Design Series

Dates: Dec. 5, 7, and 9 (M, W, F), 11:00 am - 1 pm REGISTER HERE 

Join us for a three-part Course Design series to design, redesign, or update an existing course. Beginning with the end in mind, we will integrate backward design as the overall framework to guide you through the process of developing an inclusive course with student-centered learning outcomes, aligned assessments, and active learning experiences. The interactive workshops will include both synchronous (via Zoom) sessions and asynchronous learning. This Course Design Series centers on building equitable learning experiences and is appropriate for instructors who are designing both in-person and hybrid courses. 

Currently this is open to UC San Diego faculty across all disciplines and titles. Graduate Students teaching as course instructors for Fall 2022 are welcome to email to inquire about course design support. 

Holistic Evaluation of Teaching: Developing a Teaching Portfolio 

Date: Tuesday, Nov 15, 10:30 am - 12 pm  REGISTER HERE

In alignment with the campus’ move to a more holistic evaluation of teaching process, we invite you to join this workshop to learn more about documenting teaching effectiveness through a teaching portfolio.Teaching portfolios provide faculty with the opportunity to paint a holistic picture of their teaching philosophy and practices, as well as their growth and development around teaching. In this session we will share information about the Holistic Evaluation of Teaching recommendations, including guidelines for the Teaching Portfolio and tips for writing an effective Teaching Statement. This workshop is interactive and includes time for attendees to begin planning elements of their portfolio and drafting a teaching statement.

Getting Started with Equity-Minded Teaching

Date: Monday, Oct 3, 10:30 am - 12 pm  REGISTER HERE

Developing an equity-minded teaching approach is a process that is rooted in ongoing reflection and analysis of our teaching practices and how they support equitable outcomes. In this workshop, we will provide a beginning overview of what this approach entails and discuss “first-step” strategies that can help you create a more equitable learning environment in your course(s). We will recognize and challenge assumptions we might make about students. Finally, we will identify easy-to-implement actions that communicate care and appreciation for the assets and lived experiences our students bring to their learning, with a goal toward improving student experiences and outcomes.

Effective Peer Observation of Teaching (for Senior TAs and Faculty Advisors)

Date: Friday, Sept 23, 10 am - 11 am REGISTER HERE

Peer observation of teaching allows for an extra set of eyes in the classroom and a curious, supportive colleague to debrief with after, providing instructors a perspective they might not have seen before and empowering them to recognize their areas of strength and growth.

In this session, we review best practices in conducting observations and giving formative feedback, share forms used in the observation protocol, and dive into the nuances and implementation of the protocol with a practice observation and discussion of common concerns and challenges.

Designing a Student-Centered Syllabus

Date: Wednesday, Sept 21, 11 am - 1 pm REGISTER HERE

In this session, we will discuss how to incorporate equity-minded course design principles into your syllabus to support learning. We will review example syllabi from faculty at UCSD. You will then have an opportunity to examine the structure, content, and tone of a syllabus of your own. By the end of the session, you will have an outline of a student-centered syllabus that your students will be able to use to support their learning in your course. This session will be interactive and useful for faculty preparing their course material for teaching in both in-person and remote modalities. 

Strategies for Leading Effective Instructional Teams

Date: Monday, Sept 19, 11 am - 12 pm  REGISTER HERE

Date: Friday, Oct 14, 11 am - 2 pm   REGISTER HERE

Instructional Assistants (IAs), including TAs, Instructional Apprentices, Tutors, and Readers, play a critical teaching role in a course. In this session, we will focus on strategies for creating collaborative and equitable instructional assistant-faculty teams. We will discuss tools for setting expectations and boundaries, gauging workload, managing communication and grading, and ideas for staying in touch as the course progresses. Additionally, we will provide an overview of the Hub's many services and supports for Instructional Assistants (IAs) that can be shared with your IA team.





Fall 2022 Graduate Student Teaching Workshops

Engaged Teaching Hub offers workshops to graduate students interested in teaching and/or are currently teaching. Please see our flyer for more information. Email for questions.

Introduction to College Teaching

Introduction to College Teaching is a free course that prepares graduate students who will teach or plan to teach. Graduate students develop expertise in evidence-based effective teaching practices and create a lesson plan for a future class session in their discipline of study. View the course syllabus.The course is offered every Fall, Winter, and Spring, with registration for the upcoming quarter opening 1-2 months prior. When open, the registration form is here.

For more information, email *Open to graduate students. Open to postdocs on a space-available basis.

Teaching Workshops for Teaching Assistants, Instructional Assistants, and Instructors of Record

We offer a variety of workshop topics related to teaching for student learning and success. These 80-minute workshops are designed to create community and opportunities for hands-on experience, and practical discussion of evidence-based teaching practices that support student learning. For more information, email *Open to graduate students. Open to postdocs on a space-available basis. 

Writing Your Teaching & Diversity Statements

We offer guidance on what to include in an effective teaching statement and diversity statement, and directed time to write and receive peer feedback on a draft. *Open to graduate students. Open to postdocs on a space-available basis.

Center for Advancing Multidisciplinary Scholarship for Excellence in Education (CAMSEE)

CAMSEE supports educators in learning about tangible strategies to build inclusive classroom learning environments, sustainable practices to create welcoming educational communities, and learner-centered syllabi that address diverse needs of UC San Diego students. Together, they impact students’ learning experiences in our courses. Learn more about CAMSEE.

*Open to faculty and graduate students. Open to postdocs on a space-available basis.