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What We Do

The Engaged Teaching Hub promotes faculty and student success through programs and resources that support faculty and graduate students in their teaching roles. Our goal is to inspire and advance teaching excellence through evidence-based, learner-centered, and equitable teaching practices. Learn more about our approach to teaching. 


Interactive Workshops 

We encourage a scholarly approach to teaching that leverages the knowledge and experience faculty and graduate student instructors bring to their teaching. We achieve this by designing and facilitating workshops and learning experiences that foster community, innovation, and the exchange of ideas and resources to improve teaching and learning. Learn more about our workshops. 

Teaching Observations, Consultations, and Departmental Support

Engaged Teaching offers year round confidential teaching consultations and observations for all UC San Diego educators. We also offer departmental workshops on various teaching topics and tailored support for curriculum (re)design, peer review of teaching, and program assessment. Go to our consultation and observation page

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

We provide and support for educators who engage in inquiry on student learning, whether for the purpose of improving instruction and/or contributing to educational research. We provide guidance and support for instructors who wish to apply for a Course Development and Instructional Improvement Program grant, and ongoing support for grant recipients. 

Faculty Fellows and Learning Communities

We strive to create intentional learning communities for educators and one way that we support faculty engagement are through fellowships. We offer stipends of varying amounts to support education research projects that advance the mission of the Teaching + Learning Commons, examine Engaged Teaching programs, and elevate SoTL projects. In addition to our rolling Engaged Teaching Faculty Fellows opportunities we also offer a cohort-based Community Engaged Service Leadership Faculty Fellows program. Learn more about our Faculty Fellows.

Graduate Student Support 

The Engaged Teaching Hub prepares Instructional Assistants (IA's, which includes Teaching Assistants, Instructional Apprentices, Tutors, and Readers) for success in their teaching-related roles through workshops, consultations, and support for IA programs within their home departments. We support Graduate Students preparing to teach as Course Instructor, either at UC San Diego or in their future careers, including a pedagogy course, guidance in course design, and learning communities during the teaching experience.

Additionally, Engaged Teaching assists non-native English speaking TA's and instructors at UC San Diego with developing their language and cultural awareness in order to teach effectively. Learn more about our programs for graduate students.


See our teaching resources.