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Teaching and Learning Commons Changemaker Fellowships 

The Teaching + Learning Commons Changemaker Fellowship programs support faculty and graduate student fellows who are doing changemaker work through two project-oriented learning communities: Community Engaged Learning and Anti-Racist Pedagogy. Through these learning communities, we aim to provide opportunities for fellows to share their knowledge, ideas, and resources, collaborate on courses with similar goals and learn with and from each other in their goals toward improving student learning.  

Fellowship in Community Engaged Learning 

As an Ashoka U-designated Changemaker Campus, UC San Diego recognizes the value of community engaged learning in developing students and faculty as leaders in social innovation and changemaking. The Changemaker Faculty Fellows for Community Engaged Learning (CEL) is a collaboration between the Teaching and Learning Commons Engaged Teaching and Experiential Learning Hubs, with support from the Changemaker Institute and Faculty Leadership and Development. The purpose of this Fellowship is to support faculty who integrate, or would like to integrate CEL into their teaching, research, and public service at UC San Diego, and serve as campus leaders in CEL pedagogy and community engagement. The Fellowship brings faculty together as co-learners to enhance existing or develop new CEL courses. Proposed projects may focus on: 

  • Integration of CEL into a new or existing course; 
  • Development of assessment tools or strategies for measuring the impact of CEL courses on undergraduate learning outcomes, instructors, or the community; or 
  • Community-based course research projects 

The program is currently open to all full-time UC San Diego senate faculty members, continuing lecturers, or teams that include at least one full-time UC San Diego faculty member who have an interest in developing or enhancing an undergraduate CEL course. Fellowships of up to $10,000 will be provided to an individual or team to support their CEL course or project. Funds may be used toward project implementation or to provide additional professional development support for participants. 

Please visit the website for the complete program and application details. 

Fellowship in Anti-Racist Pedagogy 

The Teaching + Learning Commons Engaged Teaching Hub invites faculty to apply for the 2023 Anti-Racist Pedagogy Learning Community (ARPLC) fellowship.

The purpose of this Fellowship is to support fellows who have an interest in learning about and employing anti-racist practices into their teaching. Selected faculty receive a fellowship award of $5,000 over Winter and Spring quarters ($2,500 distributed each quarter) to develop and implement an ARPLC project. Funds can be used for activities such as:

  • Professional development, course development, or research;
  • Implementation costs that could include curriculum materials, course, or project-related travel, and/or;
  • Undergraduate or graduate student ARPLC project-related support

The program is open to all full-time UC San Diego academic senate faculty members and graduate students with an interest in learning about the historical roots of educational inequity, examining their teaching practices through a racial equity lens, and enacting anti-racist practices in their class, department, or program through a project of their own design. Non-senate faculty educators in the Schools of Medicine, Public Health, and Pharmacy in all UC San Diego series are also encouraged to apply. Pending funding, successful Health Sciences faculty applicants will be supported by the T. Denny Sanford Institute for Empathy and Compassion and will be named Sanford Anti-Racist Pedagogy Faculty Fellows. These Sanford Fellows will additionally participate in activities sponsored by the Center for Empathy and Compassion Training in Medical Education, as will be detailed upon acceptance. 

Please visit the website for complete program and application details

Tentative schedule for Changemaker Programs
Learning Community Program Details Community Engaged Learning Anti-Racist Pedagogy
Duration 2 years: Starts in Fall quarter 2 quarters: Winter & Spring quarters
Time Commitment

In Year 1: Half-day orientation and biweekly 2-hour meetings in Fall quarter. Monthly meetings in Winter & Spring quarters

In Year 2: Fellows mentor the incoming cohort and attend at least 2 Changemaker Faculty Fellows events (i.e., monthly meetings, panels)

Winter and Spring quarters: Up to a half day orientation and bi-weekly 2-hour meetings with support from Engaged Teaching Hub to develop and implement anti-racist project


Eligibility/Applicants Faculty, including senate faculty unless applying as a team Current full-time UC San Diego academic senate faculty and graduate students, and non-senate faculty educators in the Schools of Medicine, Public Health, and Pharmacy in all UC San Diego series 
Prior Experience Fellows should be interested in or currently implementing community engaged learning in at least 1 course or program, and should have identified at least 1 potential or current community partner. We seek a diverse group of fellows with varied exposure to anti-racist literature and experience enacting anti-racist practices.
Project & Funding

Fellows receive a fellowship award for professional development, course development, research, and implementation costs.

Proposed budget must be included in the application.

Fellows receive professional development funds to implement a project; develop or expand a diversity, equity, inclusion course; or create a workshop with a focused on anti-racist. 

Fellows will submit a proposed budget that supports the cost of the project.

Application & Selection Cycle June - August October - December

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