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To help you prepare for remote instruction, Engaged Teaching has created a Resources for Remote Teaching page
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Teaching Resources

Oftentimes small instructional changes can have significant impact on student learning. Below are pages to teaching resources that our team have found useful in our work.

Teaching Consultations

Feeling overwhelmed by too many resources and not enough support? We are here for you! Request an individual or group consultation with one of our education specialists for personalized remote instruction and pedagogical support.

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As we move to remote instruction, it is important to recognize the massive impact that current events may be having on our students and ourselves. Read our resource that provides practices to support students’ well-being.

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Resources for Remote Teaching

View our teaching resources to support your remote instruction during Spring and Summer 2020.

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Prepare to Teach at UC San Diego

Resources for new educators at UC San Diego

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Design your Course

Resources on how to design your syllabus and courses

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Teach Your Course

Resources on how to effectively teach your courses for all classroom sizes and diverse students

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Engage your Instructional and Teaching Assistants

Resources for ways to effectively engage IA's

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Teach with Technology

Resources and support on how to incorporate technology in your courses

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Assess Learning

Resources to assess your student's learning

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Conduct Classroom Research

Resources on how to conduct classroom research

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Support your Students

UC San Diego resources on how to support your students learning and overall wellbeing

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Teaching Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Courses

Resources to support teaching DEI Courses

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The Latinx/Chicanx Academic Excellence Initiative is designed to ensure that California’s fastest growing student population feels welcome, supported, and able to thrive at UC San Diego. Learn how faculty can support the Latinx/Chicanx Academic Excellence Initiative and promote institutional excellence by viewing this downloadable tip sheet.

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Supporting Students in Distress

As faculty and staff, you play a crucial role in creating a culture of care at UC San Diego by identifying and assisting students who show signs of emotional, physical, or psychological distress. Learn about the resources available to support your students.

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