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Departmental Support

In addition to course level consultations, we offer individualized support for departments and programs who are looking to map their curriculum, assess their teaching, or integrate peer review of teaching.

Peer Review of Teaching

The Teaching + Learning Commons Engaged Teaching Hub offers departmental consultation and support for establishing a peer review of teaching (PRT) process. When done well, a formative peer review of teaching process can help improve teaching and inform summative decisions. Consultations and support include:

  • Guidelines for establishing a formal PRT process
  • Customizable instruments informed by evidence-based teaching and teaching evaluation practices
  • Workshops on conducting effective classroom observations
  • Evaluation tools to assess impact of PRT process

For more information, contact

Learning Communities

Interested in gathering faculty around a common interest? Reach out to us at to support your department in creating a learning community.

Some ideas for potential topics for building a community of scholars include:

  • Incorporating service learning into the curriculum
  • Creating active teaching spaces
  • Curating Open Education Resources
  • Developing instructional resources
  • Strategizing teaching to large classrooms
Dedicating time towards research and teaching writing

Departmental Writing Support

We can work with your department to enhance student writing across your curriculum, develop writing focused curriculum mapping, and help train and support Instructional Assistants to work effectively with student writers. 

Reach out to us at for more information. 

Curriculum Design Process

To facilitate the process of designing a learner-centered curriculum we use the Program (Re)Design Model below (Fowler, et al., 2016). This faculty-led process brings together pedagogical experts and disciplinary experts as well as educational technology experts to create a data-informed curriculum that places student learning at the center. Programs designed using this comprehensive model are well-positioned for the accreditation process.