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Sheena Ghanbari Serslev

Associate Director of Engaged Teaching

Dr. Sheena Ghanbari Serslev’s research interests include creativity and learning, program assessment, and faculty development. She strives to create engaging and accessible environments that promote teaching and learning. Sheena has lectured in the Education Studies program at UC San Diego and teaches graduate student research and writing support coursework. Previously, she was the Publications and Promotions Manager in the Department of Visual Arts at UC San Diego and has also worked as a researcher, educator, and arts administrator. 

Sheena studied Visual Arts and Communications at UC San Diego and earned her Master’s in Arts Management from the Heinz College of Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University. She completed her Doctorate in Educational Leadership from UC San Diego and CSUSM and her dissertation explores leadership and learning in interdisciplinary university programs that integrate the arts with STEM.