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Rebecca Hardesty

Postdoctoral Scholar

Rebecca Hardesty is a Postdoctoral Scholar in the Teaching + Learning Commons and the Division of Biological Sciences. Her research is interdisciplinary, drawing on her background in Communication and Philosophy, and focuses on graduate student education. She has collaborated with biologists in laboratories and classrooms as part of studying how senior scientists train novices in discipline-specific reasoning and problem-solving. Rebecca conducts internal program assessments in the Engaged Teaching Hub, focusing on how new instructors’ beliefs transform in response to pedagogical training. She also is involved in a UC-wide study that is assessing the impact of teaching-faculty on all of its campuses. Additionally, she is leading the impact assessment of the Center for Ethics in Science and Technology’s public outreach programs with the goal of improving public scientific literacy. Rebecca is also collaborating with this Center and UC San Diego Extension to design a certificate program that trains UC San Diego students and members of the surrounding community to make informed decisions about ethical issues pertaining to science.


Rebecca holds a Ph.D. in Communication and Science Studies from the UC San Diego. Before coming to UC San Diego, she was a researcher for startups developing memory assistive technologies for individuals with dementia. She also served as a judicial extern for the California Supreme Court’s Committee for Judicial Ethics Opinions. Rebecca also holds a B.A. in Philosophy and Theatre from Pitzer College.