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Noel Martin

Graduate Teaching Consultant

Noel Martin is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Interdisciplinary Philosophy & Cognitive Science Program at UC San Diego. In this area, he is a philosopher of science and mind. His current research investigates the roles experimental materials, measures, and practices play in producing integrated knowledge in psychology and neuroscience.

 As an Instructor of Record at UC San Diego, Noel has taught topics in philosophy, cognitive science, and composition. Before (and since) joining the Engaged Teaching Hub, Noel has trained and supervised fellow TAs and graduate instructors. He is currently drawing on this experience in support of ongoing research projects including how the attitudes of both novice and experienced college instructors develop, how the design of courses and their materials can advance accessibility and inclusivity, and the pedagogical payoffs of games in higher education (2018). On this last front, he is currently co-developing a role-immersion game for use in philosophy classrooms.