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Elizabeth Bullard

Graduate Teaching Consultant

Elizabeth Bullard is a 5th year graduate student pursuing a PhD in the Division of Biological Sciences, Section of Ecology, Behavior and Evolution (EBE). She studies the evolutionary response of marine bivalves (clams, mussels, scallops) to climate change and ocean acidification. Prior to becoming a Graduate Teaching Consultant (GTC), Elizabeth served as a TA nine times in different EBE courses, both introductory and upper division classes at UCSD and has five years of teaching and tutoring experience from both the University of Cincinnati where she received a MS in geology, and Muskingum University where she earned a BS in biology and geology. Elizabeth is passionate about creating an inclusive and equitable environment in academia and has worked with programs such as STARS and ENLACE to mentor underrepresented groups in STEM and provide them with research experience and training for college or graduate school. She also has experience running hands-on paleontology labs for inner city high school students in Cincinnati, and currently works with inner city elementary teachers in Cleveland, Ohio to expose underrepresented groups to STEM research at an early age.