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Avaneesh Narla

Graduate Teaching Consultant

Avaneesh Narla is a Ph.D. student in the Physics Department at UC San Diego. His research focusses on theoretical biophysics. In particular, he is interested in the question of coexistence: why are there so many species, especially microbial species, in simple ecosystems and why doesn't one species beat out the others? He aspires to be a teaching professor after his Ph.D.

He has been teaching college students in different capacities since his sophomore year in undergrad. He taught math and physics to incoming freshmen to bridge the gap for students who had not had an academically intensive high school experience, and and taught freshman courses for STEM students. Outside of the university, he worked as a tutor with the Prison Teaching Initiative at juvenile correction facilities in New Jersey where he taught math and science to students studying towards their associate degree and GEDs. He has been TAing undergraduate and graduate courses at UCSD. He is especially interested in employing active teaching methods.

Outside of academics, he loves to run, hike and cook. He has a huge weakness for ice cream if you are trying to easily get on his good side. But luckily it's very easy to get on his good side :)