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Unpacking Anti-Blackness and Dismantling Systemic Racism in Educational Practices


An Action-Oriented Learning Community for UC San Diego Educators

Goals of the Learning Community

Decades ago, activist and scholar Angela Davis said, “In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be anti-racist.” In higher education, enacting anti-racism requires that we not only unpack the historical roots that ground racism in our systems and practices, but also that we actively unlearn and move against those systems. It is essential that educators critically examine their own teaching practices in the context of anti-racism, and adopt anti-racist teaching practices, to support the well-being and learning of Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and minoritized students, on our campuses. This inaugural learning community for UCSD educators will be grounded in the established literature on anti-racist pedagogy informed by the work of scholars of color. We will engage in readings, reflection exercises, and discussions designed to deepen our understanding and take action concerning the following topics:  

  • Unpacking the historical roots of educational inequity. What is the historical context of anti-Black racism locally and in U.S. education? How does systemic racism contribute to educational outcomes we see today, particularly at UC San Diego?
  • Understanding our personal relationships to anti-Black racism and white supremacy. How has our socialization in a racist society contributed (in conscious and unconscious ways) to our identities as people and our choices as educators?
  • Enacting anti-racist pedagogy in our classes and roles as educators. How can we create classroom experiences that challenge racist ideologies and begin to dismantle existing structures of oppression? What actions will we take to support the well-being of Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and minoritized students at UCSD?

Meetings and Format

This learning community will meet every other week in Fall quarter for two-hour synchronous sessions on Zoom, in which we will gather and convene to share our questions, reflections, and learning around these topics. Meeting time will be determined by the availability of interested participants (please complete this form to register your interest and share scheduling information). Between meetings, participants will be asked to complete approximately 1-1.5 hours of reading and reflection, which will serve as the basis for our discussions. Over the course of the quarter, we will support each other in creating a personalized action plan for how we will use our academic roles to enact anti-racist practices and support the well-being of Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and minoritized students at UCSD. This learning community is open to all UCSD faculty, postdoctoral scholars, and graduate students. In order to build a shared community and allow for deep engagement, dialogue, and community-building, the inaugural cohort of this learning community will be limited to 40 participants. Participant selection will depend on common availability, representation of campus departments, and commitment to attending all meetings and completing all readings and reflection exercises. 

How to Sign Up

Please complete and submit this form to register your interest in the learning community and share scheduling information with us. 

Contact Us

Please contact The Teaching + Learning Commons Engaged Teaching Hub for more information, or with any questions about this learning community: